Jawatan Kosong – Lorry Driver Pasir Gudang

Job Vacancies in April 2015

We are looking for lorry drivers for our fleet of 10 and 12 wheels multi-lift trucks based in the Pasir Gudang area. Advantage for candidates willing to make collections from Singapore customers.

If interested, please call Andrew ( 012 7189 700).


Accounts Manager or Accounts Executive Job in Pasir Gudang Johor

Job Vacancies in February 2014

We have a senior position in our ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT to be filled by an ACCOUNTS MANAGER, ASSISTANT ACCOUNTS MANAGER OR ACCOUNTS EXECUTIVE, who will be reporting directly to our Top Management. Candidate is expected to prepare monthly financial analysis reports for management review and advice management on all financial related matters.

If interested, please call Andrew ( 012 7189 700).


Scheduled Waste Processor for Additional Codes

Happy & Healthy Greetings!

CHEMALAYA has been recently licensed by Jabatan Alam Sekitar Negeri Johor (Department of Environment) to process an additional 11 codes:-

1)    SW 104 – ARP Dust, Zinc Dross & Aluminium Dross

2)    SW 110 – Stamping Metal with Coating

3)   SW 204 – Waste water  Treatment Plant Sludge with Metal content

4)    SW 305 – Spent Lubricant Oil

5)    SW 306 – Spent Hydraulic Oil

6)    SW 307 – Spent Mineral Oil-Water Emulsion

7)    SW 311 – Oil Wastes or Oily Sludge

8)    SW 312 – Oil Residue from workshops, kiosks and grease traps

9)    SW 314 – Oil or Oil Sludge from oil refineries and petrochemical plants

10) SW 409 – Used Metal Drums, Plastic Drums, Barrels, IBC’s and Jerry cans

11) SW 410 – Kraft Paper contaminated with oil from steel roll industry

Towards a Cleaner tomorrow, 🙂

Implementation of New Scheduled Waste Codes

In 2012, Chemalaya has started upgrading our facilities to process further Scheduled Waste Codes. We are currently working towards licensing to collect and process the following waste codes in early 2013:-

1)    SW 410 – Kraft paper contaminated with oil from steel roll industry

2)    SW 409 – Used metal drums

3)    SW 305 – Spent lubricant oil

4)    SW 306 – Spent hydraulic oil

5)    SW 307 – Spent Mineral oil (water emulsion)

6)    SW 204 – Sludge

7)    SW 104 – ARP Dust

8)    SW 110 – Stamping metals with coating

Cultivating an environmentally conscious culture in Johor, 🙂

Scheduled Waste Contractor for SW 422

“We are a DOE approved Scheduled Waste and Non-Scheduled Waste Processor specializing in handling the following:-“

Mixture of Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Waste

  1. Aluminium Waste Contaminated With Scheduled Waste (Waste Code: SW 422)
  2. Metal/Iron/Stainless Steel/Nickel Waste Contaminated With Scheduled Waste (Waste Code: SW 422)
  3. Copper/Bronze/Brass Waste Contaminated With Scheduled Waste (Waste Code: SW 422)

Our website is currently under construction!

Kindly call us or drop us an email if you have any inquiries.

Lot 128, Jalan Rumbia 3
Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex
81700 Pasir Gudang
Telephone Number : +607 255 2133
Facsimile Number : +607 255 3133
Email: sales@chemalaya.com.my

CHEMALAYA is a Department of Environment licensed Scheduled Wastes Prescribed Premise in the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex of Iskandar Malaysia