DOE Licensed Scheduled Waste Facility

CHEMALAYA is a Department of Environment Licensed Scheduled Waste Facility (Prescribed Premise) for the following wastes:

SW Codes

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  1. Hi,

    I’m writing in to request for quotation on behalf of Camel Power (M) SDN BHD which is located in MCKIP, Gebeng. I’m using personal email as my company’s official email couldn’t be logged in at the moment.

    Here are the list of schedule waste generated:
    1) SW 104 – Slag containing lead
    2) SW 421 – Paste containing lead, sulphuric acid
    3) SW 204 – Sludge containing lead
    4) SW 305 – used lubricating oil

    Please send me the quotation ASAP.
    Thank you. Best regards

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CHEMALAYA is a Department of Environment licensed Scheduled Wastes Prescribed Premise in the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex of Iskandar Malaysia