Scheduled Waste Processor for Additional Codes

Happy & Healthy Greetings!

CHEMALAYA has been recently licensed by Jabatan Alam Sekitar Negeri Johor (Department of Environment) to process an additional 11 codes:-

1)    SW 104 – ARP Dust, Zinc Dross & Aluminium Dross

2)    SW 110 – Stamping Metal with Coating

3)   SW 204 – Waste water  Treatment Plant Sludge with Metal content

4)    SW 305 – Spent Lubricant Oil

5)    SW 306 – Spent Hydraulic Oil

6)    SW 307 – Spent Mineral Oil-Water Emulsion

7)    SW 311 – Oil Wastes or Oily Sludge

8)    SW 312 – Oil Residue from workshops, kiosks and grease traps

9)    SW 314 – Oil or Oil Sludge from oil refineries and petrochemical plants

10) SW 409 – Used Metal Drums, Plastic Drums, Barrels, IBC’s and Jerry cans

11) SW 410 – Kraft Paper contaminated with oil from steel roll industry

Towards a Cleaner tomorrow, :-)

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